Press Conference – Ursula von der Leyen’s Immediate Resignation Demanded by Freedom-Fighting MEPs

FEB 18, 2022


Press Conference – Strasbourg, 16 February 2022

Freedom loving MEPs demanded the immediate resignation of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen who failed to disclose communication with the CEO of Pfizer.

They also called for an ending of imposition of EU’s Digital Covid Certificate which is useless, unnecessary and discriminatory. One MEP also called for a compensation fund for the COVID vaccine injured and they all ended with a rising encouragement to the freedom loving truckers of Canada. 

00:32 – MEP Stasys JAKELIŪNAS (Greens, LT) 

04:10 – MEP Ivan Vilibor SINČIĆ (NI, HR)

10:25 – MEP Virginie JORON (ID, FR)

12:24 – MEP Cristian TERHES (ECR, RO)

24:25 – Q&A – Answer from MEP Stasys JAKELIŪNAS

29:08 – MEP Christine ANDERSON (ID, DE)

33:11 – Q&A – Answer from MEP Cristian TERHES

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