Dr. Tess Lawrie – External Consultant to the WHO – Omicron is a Distraction

DEC 27, 2021

Dr. Tess Lawrie discusses how Omicron seems to be a distraction from the worldwide pandemic laws that the World Health Organisation is pushing. Whenever new draconian laws are about to be introduced, there seems to be a fear campaign beforehand.

Dr. Lawrie also tells us that South Africa does not need saving, and that all of the information coming out of South Africa is that it is quite mild.

The last time I spoke with Dr. Lawrie, we discussed the launch of the World Council for Health website which advocated for early at-home treatments for the (not-so-scary) COVID-19 virus.

Tonight, we will delve deeper into the topic of variants, and what we really know about Omicron.

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