COVID Under Question – Dr. Pierre Kory

MAR 24, 2022


Dr Kory is a Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine specialist, former Associate Professor, Chief of the Critical Care Service, and ICU Medical Director at the University of Wisconsin. He is an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of critical care ultrasonography and senior editor of an award-winning textbook now in its 2nd edition, translated into 7 languages.

He co-founded and serves as the President and Chief Medical Officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing the most effective treatment protocols for COVID-19.

He has co-authored over fifteen peer-reviewed manuscripts on COVID-19 and is considered one of the world’s experts in treatment of all its phases. Dr. Kory is also known as a master educator as he has won major Departmental Teaching Awards at multiple institutions throughout his career.

COVID UNDER QUESTION is a cross-party inquiry into the Government’s response to COVID held on 23rd March 2022. COVID Under Question was hosted by Senator Malcolm Roberts (One Nation Federal Senator for Queensland) and attended by Stephen Andrew (One Nation Queensland State MP for Mirani), George Christensen (Federal Nationals MP for Dawson), Gerard Rennick (Federal Liberal Senator for Queensland), Alex Antic (Federal Liberal Senator for South Australia) and Craig Kelly (Federal Palmer United Australia MP for Hughes).

Parliamentarians heard from a range of Doctors, experts, economists and everyday people about how the Government’s response to COVID has affected them and at times defied belief. The absurdity of Chief Health Officer dictates and power hungry politicians is all laid bare.

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