AMPS Medico Legal Summit 2022 – LIVE STREAM

JUN 30, 2022


AMPS: The National Law and Therapeutic Goods Act have precipitated disastrous and preventable outcomes for patient safety and public health during the recent time of Covid.

Government and agency responses undermined the ability of Health Professionals to advocate for patients, which many presenters will attest to here tonight.

Legislation was and continues to be used to enforce government messaging rather than regulate safe, effective, and trustworthy professional practice, that allows for a range of treatments proven to be effective alternatives.

We must not accept any undermining of Informed Consent.

The sacredness of the Doctor-Patient relationship must be upheld where no agency or purported authority should be able to interfere.

Transparent risk-benefit therapeutic analysis and open scientific discourse must never be compromised.

Our Oaths and Codes of Conduct to Do No Harm must remain inviolable.

In light of the failings, we have witnessed we are demanding legislative amendments to the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law and Therapeutic Goods Act.

These reforms are vital for protecting the health and safety of all Australians, while securing rights for health practitioners to function without undue interference, being a package of reforms that will implement safeguards preventing government and agency overreach, witnessed during the time of Covid.

Please sign the Parliamentary Health Reform Package here

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