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The page where it all started – the page that Instagram censored to the point of no return. This simply propelled me onto other platforms. Thanks, Zuck!


Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, Virologist and juice expert, has issued an immediate notice to the World Health Organization.

If you missed the interview, you can watch on Rumble.
Oops. What happened, guys? 😂
From 6 months, to 5, to 4, to 3, to 10 weeks.

The Australian Government announced they have secured 151 million doses for the next year.
What a beautiful couple.
In a development that surprises no one, Dom Perrottet reintroduced some rules again following NSW recording 5,715 cases.

Rapid antigen tests will now be mailed to residents’ homes, and QR check-ins will be returning to hospitality and retail settings.

NSW claims to have a 93.5% double-dose rate.

• We don’t have any virus in WA
• This is why we’re mandating boosters
• These mandates may extend to other industries
• Continued segregation and threatening language to the unjuiced
• Mark says avoiding mandates is not going to work
• He thinks protestors are selfish, irresponsible and “wave silly signs around”
Western Australia has become the first state to mandate boosters across some industries, Mark McClown announced today.

All workers who were previously required to get 2 doses will now be required to get 3. This will affect more than one million workers.
Here we have some evidence of Australians across the country rushing again to see if they’re sick because the TV told them they might be.
Donald Duck from the World Health Organisation says that despite the overwhelming evidence that shows the juice is clearly not working, the answer is more fear campaigns, and of course, more juice.
They’re becoming increasingly abnormal in their public behaviour as each day goes by.
A moist mask is good for you. Trust the experts.
The betrayer of men.
Scott Morrison has called an emergency meeting on Tuesday due to growing Omicron cases around the country.

He has reportedly urged state leaders not to implement lockdown measures before Christmas, and assured regular meetings to discuss the management of the variant will continue.
If you missed my interview with Riccardo Bosi last night, the last 15 minutes in particular were extremely sobering.
If they’re not citizens, the pharma company has no indemnity. Very strange to see Reuters publishing this.
Highlights from my interview with Dr Tess Lawrie, external consultant to the World Health Organisation.

If you haven’t watched this yet, you need to! Spread the word, Omicron is distraction.
Quarantine facilities seem to be a world-wide, growing trend, with governments claiming they are purposed for those who are coming in from overseas.

In Australia, we have seen Howard Springs used as a method of punishment for not adhering to quarantine rules and reportedly targeting remote indigenous communities.

New reports out of Germany state that at least 15 people have been taken to these facilities around the country, some of which are located within prisons.

Some reports claim this was due to not adhering to home quarantine requirements.
Imagine people believing this pre-programming is actually fact, and that their plan wasn’t to do this all along?

Brad has already told us cases are expected to rise to 25K. Stuart Ayres says restrictions will happen if we see a rise in unjuiced hospitalisations. As we know from other news sources, the majority of hospitalisations and cases around the globe have been the opposite.

What’s the bet the hospitalisations will occur, they’ll be predominantly juiced, but we won’t hear about that part?

Oh, and they’re not ruling out another lockdown 😉

Onwards and upwards, Australia. The circus continues.
Highlights from this morning’s segment on the Stew Peters Show.

There is a lot that I was not able to include in the highlights reel, lest Instagram decide the truth is too dangerous again.

Thank you to @realstewpeters for his commitment to bringing the hard truth of what is really happening to our country, and the whole world.

I will not stop, Australia. God bless.
😂😂. Ah, MSM.
Happy “Freedom Day”, NSW.

For all of you who have been living free according to your God-given rights, I commend you.

No government has the power to dictate over your God.

Never forget what they did to us, and what they are capable of doing again.
We love science ❤️
Give yourselves a round of applause.
These people have completely lost their minds.
5 months ago, Berlin was seeking penalties for Telegram operators. New Justice Minister Marco Buschmann has been quoted yesterday to have said, “What is being spread on Telegram is disgusting, indecent and criminal.”

With Telegram being the only platform left for complete free speech, it’s not wonder there is a huge war against it.
Well, well, well… the MSM having a good old crack just in time for more boosters.
It appears to be a growing trend; first the UK earlier this week, and now Norway.

I understand the military being present to assist in emergency situations. We’ve had them here too during this time and they were peaceful.

It does strike me as odd, however, to ask the military to assist in an injection campaign.

Surely we see something wrong with this?
I’ve posted this before but I think it is a timely reminder.
Don’t forget who is behind all of this, and what they really want to achieve.
Queensland’s CS Energy was hit by what is being called a “sustained” ransomware cyber attack, which was reportedly stopped only minutes before successfully hitting Australia.

A successful attack would turn off power for up to 3 million Australian homes with no way of knowing how long it might take to regain control of the generators.
More news of cyber attacks surface as a Virginia legislative branch agency reports it has been struck by a ransomware attack.

In June of 2021, The Department of Justice (DOJ) discussed the possibility of elevating investigations surrounding ransomware attacks to be on par with how terrorism is prioritised.

Ransomware attacks against government agencies and corporations have reportedly surged in the past twelve months.

Cyber polygon.
While the global governments are convincing everyone they need to move to the next stage of this rollout with booster number 285, here’s a reminder as to why we shouldn’t with highlights from my interview with Dr Peter McCullough.

We must continue to share the truth, and wake up the masses.
Brazil’s health ministry said its website has been compromised by a hacker attack that took several systems down, including one with information about the national juice program. Another program that was compromised was one used to issue digital juice certificates.

Whilst I had a chuckle at this, is it possible that this is one of many false flag events to excuse the need for a shut down and reset of all systems globally?

Cyber polygon.
Lol. Well this is entertaining.
Fear-mongering with zero evidence.

There were people in the comments during this live press conference legitimately thanking him for keeping them safe.
Checking in with your smartphone everywhere not creepy enough? Never fear, your psychotic governments are here!

New, cutting-edge artificial intelligence has been approved for use in South Korea to trace the movements of positive cases.

The project will initially involve up to 10,000 CCTV cameras to gather data across the city of Bucheon. It has resulted in a lot of opposition, including obvious fears around privacy.

Coming to a town near you?

• We’re still using our catch-phrase of “pandemic of the un(juiced)”
• Many people will nod along, believe and repeat this utter dribble
• We’re pushing for kids big time
• The journalist’s question about kids being mandated was pre-planned
• Pile-of-Lies pretended this question was unexpected, and pretended not to know about mandates for children
• She’s also a really bad liar

Pretty important bit of detail to not be across, Premier.
Austria has seen several protests by those opposed to mandatory juice over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, many of these protests saw horrible examples police brutality, and a retaliation of violence from the citizens.

After announcing a lockdown of those who had not received the juice, Austria has backflipped on its health advice and decided to retract this, however new decisions have been made on restrictions:

• A national 11pm curfew is still in place for restaurants
• Mask-wearing remains compulsory in indoor public spaces
• Each of the country’s nine states can tighten restrictions based on local conditions
• Some business reopenings won’t begin in some areas until later this month

The plans for mandatory juice for all citizens by February 2022 are still proceeding at this stage.
This is by far one of the most disturbing things I have heard thus far. What the heck is wrong with these people? Have y’all learned nothing from history?

• Boris calls this an “Omicron emergency”
• Boris has also said, “There is a tidal wave of Omicron coming”
• This is despite multiple experts saying this is an extremely mild variant
• They want everyone boosted by the end of the year
• The military will be assisting with this special mission
And another one.
This is proper sick in the head stuff.
Protests continue around the world and yet… they keep moving forward with their plans. We must consider every angle required to reach the masses.

• We are telling you that we’re being strategic in our communications due to everyone reporting real news on Social Media
• We claims lives are falling apart due to such news, ignoring the real reasons
• We’re calling Social Media journalists “digital fascists”
• This is part of our strategic messaging
The most important consideration here is that “health experts” around the globe are recommending different timeframes for boosters.

The NHS has said every 3 months. ATAGI is now saying every 5 months.

Which “health expert” is right? 😂
You are the real heroes.
A Log4shell software flaw is rapidly emerging as what is being described as possibly the most critical vulnerability in the history of modern computing.

The software tool is widely used by many organisations, one of those being the SA government which experienced a cyber attack causing 80,000 workers’ private data to be compromised.

“The internet’s on fire right now,” said Adam Meyers, senior vice-president of intelligence at the cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike.

He also said that in the 12 hours since it had been discovered, the vulnerability had been “fully weaponised” by hackers.

—> Cyber P0Lyg0n <— Look it up.
Lol. This made my day.

To clarify, this is the Brian Shaw case against Andrews. There is no certainty there will be an outcome, particularly when we know the corruption that exists in our courts.

Nonetheless, it is pleasing to know he has to turn up on these charges. Link in Tele.
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic during a press conference made an interesting statement regarding the destruction of human lives.


“We do not have the right to destroy the lives of a higher number of people than was in the original plans.”
Can’t believe we missed this! Breakdown:

• “Military style campaign” – hinting at martial law to combat the “climate crisis” • This is the next step to complete control • Who is “he”? <— 👀👀👀 – I note he does not make reference to any one man anywhere in this speech
• Whoever “he” is, Prince Charles says he has “trillions at his disposal”
• Whoever “he” is, he is beyond the governments of the world’s leaders

If you want to know more, read:

• Daniel 11:21
• Daniel 11:36-37
• Daniel 11:44
• Revelation 13:5
• Revelation 13:7
• Revelation 13:12
• Revelation 13:16-17
• Revelation 17:12
• Revelation 19:19-20
Know the difference.
Morning all. Just a really normal inclusion for a companies’ Service Terms.

Full document in my Tele. Link in bio.
For those who have had the juice, how do you feel knowing the Prime Minister is comparing you to livestock? Unintelligent livestock, too.

Share this with your juiced family and friends. Maybe they’ll change their mind about booster number 57.
Before it’s too late.
Liezer CEO Albert Bourla said during a Wednesday interview with CNBC that he believes a fourth dose will be required amid concerns over the Omicron variant.

“I think we will need the fourth dose. I’ve said that multiple times…” he said.

Bourla went on to discuss how he previously thought the additional fourth dose would be required after 12 months, but due to Omicron we may need it faster.

Okay, champ.
On Thursday, Israel led a simulation of a major global cyber attack involving 10 countries. Israel’s Finance Ministry called it “war game”.

The simulation evolved over 10 days, with “sensitive” data emerging on the dark web as well as fake news reports which in the scenario caused what has been described as “chaos” in global markets and banks.

Participants in the simulation included treasury officials from:

• Israel
• United States
• United Kingdom
• United Arab Emirates
• Austria
• Switzerland
• Germany
• Italy
• Netherlands
• Thailand

Representatives from the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements also attended.
Blindly complying with whatever the government says is not parenting.
Athens has cracked down on parents who do not send their children to school because of Spicy Flu measures.

Parents will face a two-year prison sentence and a fine in the latest move by the government in Greece which appears to target people who deny mandates such as getting the juice, mask-wearing or testing.
Do not forget the attitude of these maniacs. The battle is not over.

Not only has QLD announced their celebration around the juice manufacturing plant, but the tender request reveals alarming information about Vaxxas and Australia’s plan to deliver 300 million doses each year.

From the Vaxxa website: Vaxxas’ HD-MAP technology uses a patch with thousands of (juice)-coated microprojections that is applied to the skin for a few seconds to efficiently deliver (juice) to the abundant immune cells immediately below the skin surface.

From the tender: EDQ has identified an existing 4,000m2 warehouse (owned by EDQ) within its Northshore Hamilton Priority Development Area (PDA) that will be refurbished and fitted out for Vaxxas (including laboratories, modular clean rooms, engineering / manufacturing space, storage and amenities) to support further research and to manufacture enough needle-free (juice) kits to deliver 300 million doses each year.
What a celebration.
Under the new QLD rules, supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies and other essential businesses will have the ability to refuse entry to the juice free.

Anyone entering a cafe, restaurant, bar, club, pub, theatre, cinema, museum, library or sport stadium will need to be fully juiced under a statewide mandate from December 17.

Whilst the mandate doesn’t extend to grocery stores, Small Business Minister Di Farmer says these stores will still have the option to refuse entry to those who are not fully juiced.

👆This in particular will eventually mean that if you are late for your booster one day, it will apply to you also.
Talks of a Nuclear war with Russia are happening in the United States as we speak. This is a topic to follow, as it will affect the whole world. Watching the U.S. closely!
Must read! Article in my Tele.
The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has made a surprising statement that they have never recommended mandates as part of their health advice.

This begs the question yet again of our lying “leaders” as to which “health advice” exactly they are basing their decisions on?
Whilst it is no surprise that this is happening, I want to shed light on a couple of things:

• The system has made people believe that they are not worthy of a status in society unless a person has completed a degree for too long
• Without ignoring the effort and commitment that goes into completing a degree, it simply is not a reflection of your intelligence or capability
• We live in a world where possibilities are endless, and you can apply yourself in multiple ways to become self-sufficient
• You’ll avoid pointless HECS debt along the way Good riddance, I say! Screw your education systems.

Whoever has stood their ground against this, I hope you go out there, make a success out of yourself and outshine them all.
Lol. Mate. Where do I start? Breakdown:

• The “data” that we need to see is the one y’all are trying to suppress until 2096 • This variant doesn’t need a juice. We have been told time and time again that it is mild
• You admitted on camera you haven’t had the juice because apparently it’s “illegal” for you???
• No one cares about anything you have to say
• If anyone does, honestly… maybe they should just go and get 400 injections

Later, losers 👋
Following a FOIA request which revealed an alarming number of death rates and adverse events from the Liezer brand, the FDA have now said they need a further 20 years on top of their previous request to release further safety data.

This would mean the data would not be ready for public viewing until 2096.

“If you find what you’re reading difficult to believe—that is because it is dystopian for the government to give (Liezer) billions, mandate Americans to take its product, prohibit Americans from suing for harms, but yet refuse to let Americans see the data underlying its licensure,” Aaron Siri, a lawyer working on the case said.
Australia is considering a central bank-issued digital currency as well as the regulation of the crypto market in an effort to overhaul how consumers and businesses pay for goods and services.

In a speech delivered by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in Melbourne on Wednesday, he announced that the government will consult on a digital version of cash that will be universally accessible.

The government expects to receive advice on this by the end of 2022.
Former Senator Rod Culleton and Former Special Forces Officer Riccardo Bosi are discussing the possibility of joining the CADCO alliance.

Culleton said if Bosi joined the alliance, it would be a step in the right direction to overcome the two party tyranny in Australia.
Senior government sources have revealed that Johnson is planning to move to Plan B as early as this week, with the introduction of juice passports and a return to the work from home order for millions of people.

Apparently, juice passports are what will stop the spread of the feared Omoron variant.
Conor McGregor has commented on recent announcements by the EU on their desire to mandate the juice across the whole of Europe: “You think forcing people to inject something into their body is not a crime? People must have the right to choose.”

“An attempt to mandate (juice) is coming, per the head of the EU. I cannot agree to this. I know our lap dogs in power will just do as they are told.”

“Forced (juice) is a war crime,” he added.
This mother later explained she was not anti-juice at all. She has had it herself, but did not want her son to get it due to concerns about how it may react with his pre-existing conditions.

This was clearly disregarded by the school.
Excerpts from the article:

A “deradicalisation” programme like those given to former terrorists or cult members might be the only way to dissuade some hardcore antivaxxers from their beliefs, according to one psychology expert.

Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, chair in cognitive psychology at the University of Bristol said: “They’ll refuse anything – ‘I’m not going to wear a mask’, ‘I’m not going to get vaccinated’, ‘I don’t think climate change is happening’, ‘Covid is a hoax’, and, you know, ‘Hillary Clinton is actually a reptilian shapeshifter’.

“You’re getting to people who hold a cluster of very exotic beliefs – now, they’re very difficult to reach.”
Neuralink was founded in 2016 and was reportedly initially highly secretive about its work.

In 2019 Neuralink revealed the technology they were working on; a system that involves ultra-thin probes that will be inserted into the brain by a neurosurgical robot.

Brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) hold promise for the restoration of sensory and motor function and the treatment of neurological disorders, but is there more to this? Does this somehow link to Zuck’s dystopian Metaverse?
In a strange turn of events the WHO Europe Director, Dr Hans Kluge, has spoken against juice mandates.

“Mandates around (juice) are an absolute last resort and only applicable when all feasible options to improve (juice) uptake have been exhausted,” Kluge told reporters in a press briefing.

He went on to discuss the importance of “public confidence and public trust” in authorities, as well as stating, “What is acceptable in one society and one community may not be effective and acceptable in another.”

He added, “Ultimately, mandates should never contribute to increasing social inequalities in access to health and social services.”
“So those who were (juiced) six months ago really need to come back or we need to go to them.”

I think people are fed up with these empty threats, Jabby Ardern.
A federal judge in Georgia has issued a nationwide injunction that prevents the government from enforcing the juice mandate on federal contractors.

This has resulted in a temporary shut down of the last remaining juice requirement by the Biden administration.

U.S. District Judge Stan Baker stated that imposing such a mandate would have “vast economic and political significance.”

Mandates for healthcare workers and businesses that employ over 100 people have also been blocked by U.S. courts.
Andrews is expected to declare a pandemic as soon as next week, after the current State of Emergency expires.

The pandemic legislation has officially become law after it was given royal assent by the state’s Governor Linda Dessau today.
The rise in people opting for microchip implants in Sweden comes following the country requiring a juice passport for all events from 1st December 2021, local media reports.

According to digital cultures researcher Moa Petersen, around 6,000 people in Sweden now have a chip inserted in their hands. It has become a trend.

Petersen said that those with microchip implants have stopped carrying juice passports, keys, ID cards, and even train tickets with them, thanks to radio frequency identification technology.
Incitec Pivot was Australia’s only producer of urea needed to power diesel motors. In November they announced they would stop making the fluid at their Brisbane plant.

Multiple major fuel suppliers have reportedly already been rationing their supply, which could force Australia to ask China to lift its export ban critical fluid needed for truck drivers before Christmas.
Rochelle Walensky, Director of the Centers for Disease Control. John Skerritt, Health Products Regulation Group, Australian Government Department of Health.

Both of these people are guilty of lying to the public, concealing data, and blocking early treatment options. Their actions have contributed to the destruction of millions of lives.
New York City is imposing the harshest juice mandate in the US which will impact private sector employees and kids as young as five.

Mayor Bill de Blasio says the city will impose the juice mandate for all private sector employees and require proof of juice status for children aged 5-11 for indoor dining, entertainment and fitness venues.
Seems legit.
How weak a narrative must be to work this hard at censorship. Hear that, WEF/Schwab/WHO/Zuck/Gates/alltheothers? You’re weak.
Queensland Health have confirmed patients need 2 doses of the juice to have a life-saving kidney, lung or heart transplant.
Scotty Nofriends thinks Gladys was a “victim” and is a person of “great integrity”.

Shut up, Fauci.
I hope we do not stop fighting. I hope that in the false “freedom” we see on the horizon we do not become complacent because it no longer affects us personally.

If we are only outraged at atrocities around the world while we’re not able to live normal lives, but forget them tomorrow, we are no better than those who did this to us.

There is still a lot of work to do.
Twitter has warned its users that the American Heart Association website is “unsafe” after it published an abstract in one of its medical journals which contained research linking the juice to heart inflammation.

Yes. They are trying to silence warnings to the public related to their health. Perhaps we should just read the mainstream headlines that say blood clots are common in winter? Few of those this week.
Christine Anderson of European Parliament in response to Australian SOS:

“The welfare of humanity has always been the alibi of tyrants.”

“You need to understand it’s not about breaking the fourth wave, it’s about breaking people.”

“Australia doesn’t need a ‘No (Spicy Flu)’ strategy, it needs a ‘No Oppression’ strategy.”
This AI technology is already in full force. Many in China are convinced this is a good thing, and keeps them safe.

Meanwhile in China, there is already a Social Credit System in place.

Your score determines what you can and can’t partake in in society. Best believe the Digital Identity steps Australia and many countries around the world are geared at this.
Couldn’t help myself.
The New Brunswick government released its Winter Action Plan on Friday, which will remain in place until Spring.

The plan includes things like masks, social distancing, restrictions on gatherings, and just so happens to also include a requirement for grocery stores to require proof of juice status on entry.
Just two days ago, I reported on the Pfizer documents that have been released, showing that Pfizer is well aware that between the period of Dec 2020 – Feb 2021, their drug caused over 40,000 adverse events and over 1,200 deaths.

Despite knowing this, they have continued to peddle their dangerous drug, which has now been approved by our very own TGA for children in the 5-11 year old age group.

The other day, I posted on how Moderna has been approved for 12 and under in Australia also… with no limit as to how young being specified.

These people are sick.
In other world news… 🤦‍♀️
Hayley has just come out of a 14 day sentence at Howard Springs Camp.

She explains the ordeal.

Conspiracy theory, huh?
C0v!D cult. These people are sick.
Just sayin’
Asking for the whole world.
Dr Reiner Fuellmich and a team of lawyers have announced the Nuremberg 2.0 trials have begun.

In a press conference, they promised to “now fight the people who are behind this global pandemic”.
While we’re all distracted… just slide this in, hey TGA? Under 12’s in general? To what age?
Sums it up about right.
You may lose people, but take comfort in knowing you stayed true to your convictions along the way.
Fox News compared these two individuals… I think with good reason.

We potentially have until the middle of January to get the truth out as much as possible via these platforms, before they start shutting us down.

Humanity, we all need to work together against these criminals.
It was an absolute honour to be invited by the Stew Peters Show to be a regular correspondent, reporting on the evolving situation in Australia.

The world will know what is happening to our country.

My commitment is and will remain this; Share the truth, at any cost. I will not stop.
“How we can encourage and potentially think about mandatory (juice) within the European Union? This needs discussion. This needs a common approach, but it is a discussion that I think has to be led,” Angela von der Leyen, President of the European Union told a news conference in Brussels when discussing Omicron—the extremely mild variant.
Not us, though. ✊
💣💣💣 FOX NEWS!!!

The narrative is done. The lies have been exposed. Enough is enough.
Sky News reporting what we said all along; this legislation sets a precedent for the other states to follow suit.
Just a reminder to the authoritarians across the globe. Hey guys 👋. We will never give up.
Tonight with Dr. Tess Lawrie we are going to ask more questions as to what is really happening with Omicron.
From 15 December 2021 when Victoria’s current State of Emergency arrangements run out, the new pandemic bill will give the Premier and the Health Minister the power to declare a pandemic and enforce restrictions.

Now that Victoria has successfully passed this tyrannical bill, will the other states follow?

This is an overwhelmingly terrible outcome for Victoria, and all of Australia.
If you missed my post on the Metaverse in Tele this morning, get in there and check it out (link in bio).

The Metaverse is a fantasy-land where you will own nothing and be happy. It’s a virtual reality. This is what they are gearing towards.

Recently, a Metaverse platform called The Sandbox developer, bought the yacht for $650,000. A (horribly drawn) cartoon, non-existent yacht.
Completely ignoring that all of the carriers of Omicron seem to be double-dosed, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organisation claims that low juice rates and not enough testing are the reason we are having new variants.

He went on to say, “We need to use the tools we already have to prevent transmission and save lives from Delta. And if we do that, we will also prevent transmission and save lives from Omicron.”

What saving do we need from Omicron, exactly? It’s mild. It’s like a common cold.

Trust the experts, yes?
Michael Gunner has confirmed that the three escapees from the Howard Springs Camp are from the Binjari community.

Tell us again how they were more than happy to be there, they knew it was for their health, and they knew the military were just there to keep them safe?

Remember Luke on Twitter, claiming people were happy to just “have a break” while they quarantine?

I don’t know about you, but people feeling the need to escape doesn’t sound like people that are convinced they are there “for their health” and are happy to be there.

Oh, and the kicker? They all tested negative for the virus.

That’s right. Our government sent the military into a remote Aboriginal community to escort them in military vehicles to a camp when they don’t even have the virus.
Here we have Dr Angelique Coetzee on camera stating that all the patients they have seen are displaying symptoms that are similar to a common cold.

This is footage released by the Daily Telegraph.

So why the worldwide hysteria?
When you know the truth, no amount of lies can shake you.
Never mind the doctor who discovered the variant testifying that the symptoms were mild and that this was a brilliant opportunity for herd immunity.

Never mind Nick Coatsworth who supported this argument.

Never mind the insurmountable evidence stacked up against them. The mainstream are in bed with our government in making sure they pedal fear at every turn.

Thankfully, we see through their nonsense.
A statement by Dr Angelique Coetzee, the doctor who alerted the world to the Omicron variant.

Published in the Daily Mail Australia, 30 November 2021.

This needs to go viral.
Incoming Chancellor Olaf Scholz has announced he wants to make the juice mandatory for all by the end of February 2022, following in Austria’s footsteps.

Germany is set to hold a vote by the end of the year which will determine whether his plan goes ahead.

Scholz also wants to ban all unjuiced people from all non-essential stores.

Germany is at 80% double-juice rates (based on new data) and naturally, has seen sky-rocketing cases.
Every Australian needs to be aware of what Morrison is trying to do right now.

He is actively evading an anti-corruption commission, and we must ask ourselves why.
Trust the science, guys.
Federal judge, Terry A. Doughty, issued a preliminary injunction to halt Biden’s juice mandate for health care workers on Tuesday.

“There is no question that mandating a (juice) to 10.3 million health care workers is something that should be done by Congress, not a government agency,” Judge Doughty wrote. He added: “It is not clear that even an act of Congress mandating a (juice) would be constitutional.”
Just 3 days ago, I reported on how Merck had admitted their new drug, Molnupiravir, was not as effective as they thought.

The pharma company also had concerns around the toxicity to foetuses and birth defects caused by the drug.

The FDA has just voted to approve it anyway.

• We have given you no science that backs the advice to change boosters from previously recommended 6 months to 3 months
• “Expand the booster program” likely means mandates eventually, as we are seeing in European countries
• We’re now calling 2 jabs + 1 booster “3 primary doses”, changing the way people think about boosters
• Kids should increase their dose frequency now also
Believe. Pray. Believe. Repeat.
Well, this is interesting.
Israel has authorised its Domestic Terrorism agency access through the country’s domestic intelligence service to use counter-terrorism phone tracking technology to manage the spread of Omicron.

Despite the fact that these measures violate previous Supreme Court rulings over this type of surveillance, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has gone full steam ahead. 

It appears the law is no longer of concern to worldwide leaders.